What's the Best Lodging in Colorado?

The best lodging Colorado has to offer is vacation lodging. Why? Colorado vacation lodging caters to those who are expecting to have a good time, and the lodging is naturally located where the fun is. Let's look at what makes up some of the best lodging Colorado has to offer.

Colorado resorts, historic hotels, Colorado cabins, bed and breakfasts, guest ranches and dude ranches, can all be considered part of the best lodging Colorado has to offer. They are the best because they are uniquely Colorado, generally independently operated, and have character and personality. They are nothing like what you would find on the big travel web sites.

Condos for rent in the Colorado ski resort areas can also be considered among the best. This is true especially if you are a large family or a few friends traveling together and want to share a much larger space. For this, condos are among the best. And during the summer, you can get some good deals. However, they are rarely found outside the ski resort areas.


Where To Find Colorado's Best Lodging

The best lodging in Colorado includes bed and breakfasts, an elegant cabin or a 5 star hotel.

Luxury Cabin

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Some of the best lodging in larger Colorado cities is historic hotels. Many cities including Denver, Boulder, and Aspen will have one or two historic hotels that date back about a hundred years. And the ones you generally find have been beautifully restored. More recently, a few historic properties have been turned into boutique hotels. They're smaller, and elegant, with a lot of personality. Bed and breakfasts are found in the larger Colorado cities too, and are often restored historic mansions. Denver has a few, scattered around the city. And each one has a story to tell.

Colorado being one of the top vacation destinations, naturally offers a wide variety of vacation lodging. And when you think of Colorado, you think of mountains, and you think of spectacular views. So it's no wonder some of the best lodging in Colorado is in the mountains.

As you get into the mountains, the idea of a bed and breakfast, or lodge, can vary a lot more. In a rural mountain setting, it's not hard to find a small lodge that was transformed with a more elegant atmosphere. Perhaps once they had that old west decor with the wagon wheel chandelier. But now they rival some of the most unique and luxurious lodging around. Some operate like a bed and breakfast, but some are more like a boutique hotel. They will have that spectacular view too.

Even Colorado vacation cabins can be quite luxurious. These cabins are often part of a lodge property, but are also sometimes found individually. Some are run as a bed and breakfast. Whether they are part of a lodge or not, they can have a cozy log cabin charm, but almost certainly they won't be rustic. If you do want the old west inn, with the wooden indian and covered wagon out front, you can still find them as well.

Guest ranches and dude ranches are literally scattered all throughout the mountains and valleys. With large acreage and horses, they don't try to be luxurious. But being elegant and luxurious is not always what you may be looking for. For Colorado guest ranches and dude ranches, it's not lodging: it's an experience, and it's an adventure.

One final note, the best lodging is often found to be those lodges and resorts that don't advertise a whole lot. Sometimes it is just because they are small or independent. And partly it is because they have a lot of returning guests and good word of mouth advertising. So wherever in Colorado you are headed, it is always worth a little more time to search out the best lodging.