What's best about Boulder Hiking?

Boulder Colorado Hiking

Spectacular scenery adorns Boulder Colorado hiking trails.

Hiking in and around Boulder Colorado is one of Boulder's favorite passtimes. No wonder. There is so much, so close. Mountain parks and open space surround the city. Their numerous hiking trails let you enjoy the outdoors and get whatever amount of exercise you'd like. Boulder is known for being healthy. No surprise!

But the best thing about Boulder hiking is the friendliness. It seems that everyone is simply in a good mood on Boulder Colorado hiking trails. Maybe it's that "high" you get with the breathtaking natural scenery. Or, maybe it's just the fact that you didn't have to go out of your way to get there. There is no need to drive far, and often no need to drive at all.

Hiking in Colorado and hiking in the Boulder area are really one and the same. The western border of Boulder County actually pushes up against the Continental divide, while the eastern boundary lies in the flat plains. And the City of Boulder sits literally at the base of the Rocky Mountains. You have it all. A short walk along Boulder Creek, a stroll through rolling hills, a steep hike up a challenging trail, a technical climb on the Flatirons, or the experience above tree line. That's your choice of Boulder Colorado hiking trails.

Info on Hiking and Parks from "Mindy's Guide" -

Parks and Open Space

 The City and County of Boulder are very aggressive when it comes to preserving the splendid surroundings of this city many replete with cute prairie dogs and mule deer. There are a number of city parks, mountain parks and open space lands with trails and other amenities. Some of these locations are accessible with dogs, horses and mountain biking but each area has its own rules.

 Chautauqua Park

This is a lovely area settled by vacationing school teachers in the late 1800’s. There are many hiking trails and guided hikes that start here, lawns for tossing Frisbees and picnicking & a children’s playground. This is also home to a fine restaurant and summer Concert hall (see below).

 Eben Fine Park

A nice place for a picnic along Boulder Creek at the mouth of Boulder Canyon.  On a hot summer day, this is a place to let your feet dangle in the Creek. There’s a kayak course just west of the park.

Flagstaff & Mountain Parks

Hiking abounds in this city at the foot of the Rockies. Some trails are pet-friendly while others are bike friendly. There are technical climbs to scale the Flatirons as well as leisurely hikes starting and ending near the Flagstaff amphitheater.

If stairs are not a problem for you, we recommend visiting Boulder Peak. An access trail starts at NCAR Mesa Labs and then descends to Blue Bell trail before catching the steeper main trail. When you get to the summit, don’t forget to look for the sign-in capsule. From here as well as other trail stops you have a spectacular view of the greater Boulder environs.

Scott Carpenter Park

Named after a famous astronaut, this is a fun place to take small children as well as have a picnic. There is also a public swimming pool if your lodging does not have one plus a skateboard park if you brought your board.

Boulder Creek Trail

This is a gentle paved route for walking or cycling. Starts at Eben Fine Park on the west following the Creek eastward, passing Scott Carpenter Park and then ends along wetlands. Also passes the “infamous” Boulder County Justice Center, the really cool Boulder Public Library, the Farmer’s market (seasonal - Wed & Sat), CU Boulder and Scott Carpenter Park.

Boulder County Open Space

A number of areas within 20 minutes of the city were once private ranches and homesteads and are now available to the public. These Open Space parks offer picnicking, hiking, bird watching and other activities. Discover Heil Valley Ranch, Betasso Preserve and Walker Ranch among others.

-- Excerpt from: "Mindy's Guide to Boulder, Colorado" by Mindy Makuta