What is Boulder Really Like?

Boulder Colorado Flatirons

The "Flatirons" can be seen from all around Boulder, Colorado..

Boulder Colorado has only about 100,000 people, yet it is generally known around the world simply as Boulder. Whether you live in Boulder Colorado or not, you know that the city has personality. Its personality is evident from the unique natural scenery, to the diversity of the people, who make up this city located literally at the foot of the Rocky Mountains.

If you are visiting anywhere near Boulder, it's a must see. If you are lodging in the city, or anywhere between Denver and Estes Park, at least stop by for lunch. But if that's all you do, you will undoubtedly put Boulder Colorado on your short list of "places to return to spend more time".

Join us in a rundown of what is uniquely Boulder, and how to make the most of your time. And to find out what Boulder Colorado is really like, you'll just have to visit!

Here's Some Info from "Mindy's Guide" to Get You Going -

Boulder, Colorado and Vicinity

Welcome to Boulder, Colorado. This small cosmopolitan city, nestled beneath the famous Flatirons, is the home of the Boulder campus of the University of Colorado as well as numerous weather and climate institutions. It is a great place to visit with many mountain open space parks, a world of dining options, smaller museums, various entertainment choices and the Pearl Street Mall and 29th Street shopping districts. And, unless you are visiting from very nearby, you will need lodging.

Where to Stay - Boulder Lodging

All manner of lodging are found in and around Boulder. If this is a family vacation, there are modestly priced older motels as well as standard name hotels in the area. If this is a romantic getaway, there are bed and breakfasts, an upscale historic hotel and a luxurious Conde Nast rated hotel walking distance to the Pearl Street mall.

And, just 10 – 20 minutes from the city are the Colorado mountain cabins you want to make your vacation uniquely Colorado. These cabins have that rustic feel yet may have hot tubs and fireplaces, cable TV and modern kitchens.

Museums, Tours & Galleries

A variety of museums and tours are available at modest or no cost. These museums offer historic, western and modern art and artifacts. There are a number of art galleries as well.

Leaning Tree Museum

You’ll find loads of western paintings and sculpture. You can also buy their well known greeting cards right from the factory.

Celestial Seasonings Factory

Taste the many varieties of their teas, take the Tour of the factory and then enjoy the great tea-related (of course) gift shop. You will see the huge sacks of herbs and flower fragments imported from around the world tossed, tumbled and packaged into tea bags. You’ll love the peppermint room especially if you need to clear a stuffy head. At the gift shop you can purchase, tea and teapots, cups and honey, and many other knickknacks and Celestial merchandise

BMoCA (Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art)

A museum of local art located next to the Dushanbe Teahouse in downtown.

Boulder History Museum

Boulder’s history in photos and exhibits near University Hill area.

CU History Museum

Weather, Climate and Science

Boulder has a sunny temperate climate and does not often get very cold or very hot. What you really should know is that this is a hub of atmospheric research activity.

In addition to various projects at CU Boulder, this is the home of several NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) laboratories, to NCAR (the National Center for Atmospheric Research) and to part of NIST (the National Institute of Standards). Get this - There is an atomic clock in Boulder.  Because of security concerns, most of the government agencies are not open to the public; however, we strongly recommend a visit to NCAR.

NCAR’s Mesa Lab, located in South Boulder is a working research laboratory open to the public seven days a week. Admission is free. The awesome site is maintained as a nature preserve which adjoins Boulder mountain parks. You may see mule deer in the parking lot as well as fox, and other wildlife on the adjacent trails. NCAR’s laboratory offers a wealth of hands-on weather-related educational exhibits and tours are available too!

-- Excerpt from: "Mindy's Guide to Boulder, Colorado" by Mindy Makuta