Much More than Sightseeing

So what are some of the fun things to do in Boulder Colorado? Well, what's fun for you may not be as fun for the next person. But this relatively small city is so diverse, you're guaranteed to have fun. So here's our recommendation to find the fun things to do in Boulder Colorado: don't just limit yourself to sightseeing, experience it!

If you're the outdoors type, doing something outdoors is a must. Do a local hike, go mountain biking, or just walk along Boulder Creek. If you like to eat - and who doesn't, you'll find it all. Museums, Coffee Shops - it's amazing how many, art galleries, shopping. You won't be bored in Boulder, Colorado.

But don't run yourself ragged, one of the best ways to enjoy Boulder Colorado is doing just about anything, with no pressure of time.

Here's some Suggestions from "Mindy's Guide" -

What to See and Do

During your visit to Boulder, there is so much to see and do, you may just have to plan a repeat visit before you leave. You can explore the campus of the University of Colorado, Boulder as well as attend a conference at Naropa Institute. Trails abound in and around the city for hiking and cycling.

Many events and festivals are sprinkled throughout the year so you can try to time your visit to attend something special. In addition, there are museums, tours, interesting architecture and art galleries where you can spend hours soaking up culture and history or learning about weather or the tea business.

And, as much as you are on vacation, we should not forgot about shopping. There are three major shopping areas plus a variety of stores to suit all needs and desires.

University of Colorado, Boulder

Whether you are considering attending the University of Colorado at Boulder, or not, the campus, also know as CU Boulder, is a must see. There is a CU history museum on the top floor of the Old Main building with many space mission and astronautic memorabilia. You'll be surprised to know the numerous CU Boulder and NASA connections.

Stroll the campus and see the characteristic stone architecture of most of the buildings. Many are built from Lyons sandstone from the quarries in nearby Lyons, about 20 minutes north. Even the new Law building, on the south west side, was built recently in this distinctive architecture to seamlessly blend in with the rest of the buildings on campus.

Yoga, Mind/Body and Naropa University

It’s no wonder that Boulder, Colorado is home to some of the best Yoga studios in the country. There are also many offerings for Pilates, NIA, and other classes that mix movement of the body with the spirit. Naropa University blends the best of Eastern and Western educational traditions to create a unique learning experience. You can attend a conference or seminar during your extended vacation.

-- Excerpt from: "Mindy's Guide to Boulder, Colorado" by Mindy Makuta