Colorado Mountain Cabins for Families or Couples

Colorado Cabins are a perfect fit for the Colorado Mountain scenery.

Colorado Cabins in the Rocky Mountains invoke an image of lodging completely compatible with the spectacular scenery. The feeling of a Colorado cabin is one of comfort, calmness and hominess. As sure as Colorado has mountains, Colorado has mountain cabins.

Yet Colorado cabin rentals vary tremendously. There are small camper cabins that may be as primitive as a shed open on one side, just one step above a tent. There are luxurious cabins that have all you would expect in the most luxurious hotels, including hot tubs, full kitchens, and of course an elegant fireplace. And then there are mountain cabins that are great for families. Some Colorado vacation cabins are set up perfectly for small groups and are ideal for family reunions.

Here's a rundown of the types or cabins your can expect in Colorado, and where you can find a Colorado cabin rental that is just right for you.

Colorado Family Cabins

Stone Mountain Lodge and Cabins - Room to roam on 45 scenic acres with a pool, pond, red cliffs and hiking.

Cabin at Stone Mountain Lodge and Cabins

Consider your Colorado Family Cabin Rental at Stone Mountain Lodge and Cabins ...

Simple State Park Cabin

Some cabins include the basics where you bring linens and towels.

An excited 12 year old boy on his way from the swimming pool to feed the ducks at the pond

glanced in the door of a cabin and saw the captains ladder to the loft and yelled "Look Dad! We gotta stay in that cabin next time!" You know when your kids are having a good time, you can too. Staying in a cabin in Colorado simply makes any family vacation more fun.

One great advantage cabins have is that they are more often available with at least one bedroom, or a loft. Planning a vacation with kids is more challenging. It's no fun spending your hard earned vacation time in a hotel room with your kids. And renting two rooms? Well, this might work if your kids are in their teens.

Otherwise, you might as well consider cabin rentals. Here are some pointers.

The idea of a Colorado family cabin rental can be quite appealing!

Vacation Cabins Ideal for Groups

Colorado mountain cabins can make your group event fun and practical. Colorado is an ideal location for family reunions. For groups with kids, all the benefits mentioned above apply, but even more so. With the kids more easily occupying themselves, the grownups have more time to relax and enjoy each other's company. Here are a couple of pointers:

Booking several units, especially close to each other is very difficult unless you book early. If it is during the high summer season, try to plan and book no later than Thanksgiving the year before. But the earlier the better.

If you are considering group lodging, Colorado certainly has a lot of good options, and it is worth the effort and coordination.

Romantic Mountain Cabins in Colorado

Romance and Bed and Breakfasts go hand and hand. Generally located more in town, they can offer more of an "in town" experience. Here's more about Colorado Bed and Breakfasts...

The first thing that comes to mind for romantic vacations or getaways is a historic bed and breakfast or a luxury hotel. But what's more romantic than a cozy Colorado cabin, a fireplace, and possibly a hot tub? Not much. You'll be surprised what you can find. You may even be able to arrange a special romance package with flowers, chocolates and champagne to help set the mood. Here are some tip to consider.


Cabin at Stone Mountain Lodge

Stone Mountain Lodge and Cabins - on 45 scenic acres with a pond, red cliffs and hiking has romantic packages available. Convenient to both Boulder and Estes Park, Colorado.

Consider a Romantic Getaway in a Colorado Cabin...