Luxury Hotels are Scattered Around the Pikes Peak Area

Colorado Springs hotels

When Colorado Springs luxury hotels are mentioned, the Broadmoor Hotel and Resort will immediately come to mind. And certainly it is the most famous luxury hotel in Colorado Springs. But there are others. Colorado Springs has been know for luxury throughout its history. And luxury hotels in the Colorado Springs area are clearly an important part of that history.

One certainly cannot ignore the Braodmoor Hotel. Famous for lodging presidents and dignitaries, in a setting that is one of the most majestic in Colorado, it is among the highest rated hotels in the world. Even if you don't stay there, you should take a look. It's big, it's luxurious, and as its general manager once told me, "It's a monster to run". No surprise. To maintain such high standards, with such a large staff, and the number of events going on, it's a true feat.

But Colorado Springs has other luxury hotels, maybe not quite as well known, but quit impressive non the less.

Colorado Springs Luxury Hotels and Resorts beyond the Broadmoor

The largest of the full service luxury hotels and resorts are located where there is enough land to provide a golf course, tennis, and all the spa amenities. The Broadmoor, originally built on a large tract of land in 1918, has 2 golf courses, a lake, a tennis club, 2 indoor ice skating rinks, full spa services and of course top restaurants. It's hard to beat. But not too far away, the Cheyenne Mountain Resort is another luxury hotel and resort with it's own golf course and full spa amenities.

For downtown elegance, the Antlers Hilton hotel is worthy to note. It's roots go back to the very beginnings of Colorado Springs, and brings along a lot of history through. It remains as the prominent hotel in the downtown area, even with the arrival of other luxury hotels in the region.

Manitou Springs Luxury Hotel

A luxury hotel in Manitou Springs is just one example of the varied lodging in the Colorado Springs area.

Luxury doesn't have to mean big. Luxury hotels of a more modest size are found in Manitou Springs. For example, the Cliff House is a 55 room historic hotel that had guests such as Clark Gable, Teddy Roosevelt, P. T. Barnum, Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. After falling on hard times and shutting down for a period of time, It went through a massive renovation and reopened in 1999. This renovation not only brought it back to it's luxury status, it is now on the list of top 100 hotels in the world. I was given a personal tour of the hotel shortly after its renovation, and remember how the investors were concerned about the $10 million spent. It is now easy to see they provided a treasure that will return much more than just a monetary investment.

Luxury can be found on yet a smaller scale, with even more intimacy. Colorado Springs has some incredibly luxurious bed and breakfast inns. A luxury Colorado Springs bed and breakfast could be an old mansion with 10 units at the mouth of Cheyenne Canyon, to a small inn with only 3 units that has a southwest, 1929 adobe style, located farther into the mountains west of Manitou Springs. Downtown Colorado Springs bed and breakfasts boast of luxury too. And of course, Manitou Springs has several choices.

Luxurious surroundings aren't exclusive to luxury hotel resorts and bed and breakfasts. There are inns, cabins and vacation rentals that fit the bill too. There are more and more cabins that provide a sense of "rustic luxury" with a more homey feel. These Inns and cabins provide all the high end appointments and comfort as any luxury hotel room, but with none of the formalities. You will always feel at ease, and you can be as informal as you like.