The Colorado Springs area is a Popular Vacation Destination

Bijou and Tehon Streets in Colorado Springs

Tejon Street at Bijou in Downtown Colorado Springs

Did you know that Colorado Springs was actually founded to be a vacation and tourist destination? Well, it's safe to say it worked. Actually, it worked so well, Colorado Springs is now the second largest city in Colorado. The city, along with the whole Pikes Peak area is one of those special places that just makes you feel good to be there.

The downtown area of Colorado Springs has the unique feel of a big city and a small town rolled into one. How is this so? It has a few tall buildings, but just a

couple of blocks away there are neighborhoods, bed and breakfasts, shops and cafes. Colorado College is only 10 blocks to the north. That makes the downtown area part of a "college town" too. And, downtown Colorado Springs is easy to get to.

The area between Bijou St. and Colorado College to the north, and from N. Nevada Ave on the East, is where you will find more cafe's, restaurants and shops. The Colorado College campus is absolutely beautiful. The older core area of Colorado Springs is one of those inner city areas that is becoming more and more trendy as time goes on.

But that's just downtown Colorado Springs. There's so much to do in the Pikes Peak area, you'll never have enough time. So what are the best things to do?

The Most Fun Things To Do In Colorado Springs

Here's our "short list" of the most fun things to do in the Colorado Springs area. And they all don't cost money either! But don't limit yourself. These things on the list will take you to some of the best areas of Colorado Springs. Once there, you'll find more to do, and want to go back. So think of these as a few great places to start. Take a look at the map of Colorado Springs to get an idea of where these fun places are located.

The Garden of the Gods
The Garden of the Gods is simply heaven on earth. It's a rock garden of mammoth proportions. It's a place that's hard to believe just kind of happened by itself over the eons of geologic history. Don't miss it. Plan a short hike and do a picnic. The entrance to the Garden of the Gods Park is free!
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
I'm sure you've been to a zoo before. But have you been to a zoo on a mountain side? The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is a zoo with a view. Not that the 750 exotic animals from around the world care. Or do they? They have 30 animals that are on the endangered species list. The Cheyenne Mountain zoo relies solely on admissions, memberships, and donation with absolutely no local tax support. A trip to the Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun is included in the admission.
Colorado City
Colorado City is the old, old town of Colorado Springs. It actually existed before the city of Colorado Springs supporting the gold rush to the Pikes Peak region. During more recent years it has been restored more and more. Today it is a place that has old time character that is not overrun with tourists. It has great artisan shops, cafes, and is just a fun place to explore and hang out. Whether it's free or not is up to you!
Pikes Peak
You just can't come to the Colorado Springs area without going up to the summit of Pikes Peak. The question is, how do you want to get up there? You can hike up Barr trail for free. But you need to be in good shape, have time and know what you're doing. The other options are the Pikes Peak Cog railroad, or a drive up Pikes Peak highway. Either way, you'll experience what "purple mountain majesty" really means!
Cheyenne Canyon
Cheyenne Canyon park is not far from the Cheyenne Mountain zoo and the Broadmoor Hotel. Look for North Cheyenne Canyon Road. At the mouth of the canyon there is a visitor's center. From here you can hike, or take a drive up the canyon and come out on Gold Camp Road. If you have never done this drive, you should expect the unexpected!
If you take South Cheyenne Canyon Road instead, you will head to Seven Falls. Another very beautiful place. Seven Falls is a private attraction with an admission fee, while North Cheyenne Canyon Park is free.
Manitou Springs
Manitou Springs is "the vacation town" for Colorado Springs. And it always has been that way. Tucked away at the base of Pikes Peak, this is where you have a true Colorado mountain feel with all the amenities to fully spend your leisure time. Manitou Springs exists for tourism. There's too much to talk about here, so click and follow for more information about Manitou Springs Colorado.