Map of Colorado Springs Colorado for Vacation Travel

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Pikes Peak Towers over the Colorado Springs Area

Wherever you go in the Springs area, Pikes Peak towers above you off to the west. Unless, of course, you are at its summit. And as you would guess, the closer you go toward the mountain, the more interesting the terrain becomes. No wonder most of the attractions of the Pikes Peak region are near the base of Pikes Peak.

But Pikes Peak is a sight to behold from downtown Colorado Springs too. The view of the mountain from this distance is like a forever changing piece of artwork only mother nature can produce. Every time you look over toward the mountain, it's different. Clouds form, or go away, the angle of the sun, or lack of sun, and the time of year all contribute to this massive sculpture called Pikes Peak.

For the most part, the attractions in the area are mostly found to the west of downtown Colorado Springs, and to the west of the interstate, I-25. It's no accident that the interesting geologic formations such as, the Garden of the Gods, the Cave of the Winds, Cheyenne Canyon and Seven Falls are in the areas near the base of Pikes Peak. As the mountain pushed up out of the earth over the millennia, the abrupt transition from the Colorado plains, to a massive 14,000 foot peak created all of these interesting formations. These natural attractions, along with access to the summit of Pikes Peak, and the general beauty of the area, is what originally made the area a vacation destination.