Discount Colorado Lodging - Saving money on your Vacation

There are many ways to look at discount Colorado lodging for your vacation. If you're traveling in the off season, almost everything is already discounted. In the high season, it takes more work. But please don't fall into the trap of going for the best discount. Colorado lodging is quite diverse, and if you are on vacation, a discount may not turn out to be what you really want. But don't feel you have to pay through the teeth either. Some simple common sense ideas can steer you to the best colorado lodging to fit your budget.

To be sure, "high season" is relative to the type of vacation you are planning, and the region of Colorado that you are interested in. If you are looking for skiing and winter activities, then obviously, the high season for that region is more likely during the winter months. If, however, you are traveling to Colorado for fishing, hiking or boating, then the high season for those regions will most likely be during the summer months. But if your want to save money, look for the "shoulder seasons". These are dates just around the high season. The "shoulder seasons" often have great discounts, and everything is open just like the high season. And, there are generally less crowds. But don't overlook mid-week! Even during a high-season Colorado vacation, you can often save if you are able to avoid a Fri and Sat night stay.

You should always check if a lodge or hotel offers special weekly rates, AAA, military rates, or senior discounts if you think you may qualify. And, check for a special internet discount or coupon. You can often find these types of discounts if you look at the home web site for the lodging property. Be sure to mention these coupon codes, or that you want these discounts, when making your reservations.

Being Flexible is Key to finding Lodging Discounts in Colorado

If you can be flexible on the type of lodging that you'll accept, you'll have more opportunity to find a discount. For example, say you must be in a particular locale, such as Estes Park, Colorado. You've been pining to stay in a log cabin. How about considering a different type of lodging, such as a room in a log lodge, that may still give that cabin feel. One more thing is being wise on amenities. Will you really take advantage of that pool or hot tub? If not, then you don't need to pay for it - i.e. find lodging without the frills!

Flexibility with respect to lodging location may open up savings for you. If you are just looking for a place to crash and you're not looking for that special view or historic lodge setting, book at a less prime location. Also, if you don't mind being a bit further from the town center or you can stay in a neighboring town, your options open up to many more potential discounts. And, you can try other towns or regions that may have a similar ambiance but are not as expensive as the places you were considering first.

"Don't overlook mid-week! Even during a high-season Colorado vacation, you can often save if you are able to avoid a Friday and Saturday night stay."

A great way to save on your vacation, especially if you are traveling with children, is to look for lodging with a kitchen or some cooking amenities. It can become very expensive to eat out 3 meals per day. If your lodging has a kitchen or even just a microwave and fridge, you can save a great deal of money on restaurant bills. While your lodging itself may not be discounted, this will be made up for in savings on food expenses.

Here's one last "trick". Some hotels that cater to business travelers during the week have discounts for vacation travelers on the weekends. This is just the opposite of what is commonly done in resort areas. So, if a more urban location may work for you, this would be something for you to consider.