Hotels in Estes Park Colorado Cater to Vacationers

Estes Park hotels

Estes Park hotels come in an unusual variety of flavors. Estes Park Colorado is that type of special location, sought after for its scenic beauty, where unique hotels and lodges were built over a long period of time. If you are looking to stay at an Estes Park hotel, you will soon discover that you have a lot of options. Estes Park hotels range from the traditional and majestic destination resort of 100 years ago, to historic log lodges that have endured from Colorado's beginnings.

The overwhelming majority of accommodations in Estes Park are considered inns or lodges, and not hotels. This distinction is due to the fact that inns and lodges are generally smaller, are somewhat informal, and have more of a resort feel. This fits the character of Estes Park very well. So the classification of Estes Park accommodations into hotels, lodges and resorts, is generally very loose.

If you hold to a more strict image of a traditional hotel, there are few true hotels in Estes Park. But of all the accommodations that you would naturally describe as a true hotel, the historic Stanley hotel comes to mind first. This hotel is a famous fixture of Estes Park, and is actually an integral part of the scenery as you enter into Estes Park. The Stanley hotel is truly as majestic as the Rocky Mountains themselves. And, it is an attraction in itself.

There are other hotels in Estes Park that also fit the more traditional definition of a hotel. Some of these hotels are independently owned. There are also a couple of well know chain brands, too. These facilities are generally larger, with at least 50 rooms, and have full service banquet and reception facilities. But keep in mind, there are also other inns and lodges in the Estes Park area that also support banquets and conferences too, but with a more country feel.

Estes Park Hotels Offer Many Options

Historic Stanley Hotel in Estes Park

The historic Stanley Hotel in Estes Park is as majestic as the Rocky Mountains themselves.

Estes Park hotels do primarily support vacationers, and is not a place where you will find the business traveler. However, smaller business retreats are common, in both a hotel or lodge setting. Family reunions, and wedding ceremonies and receptions are also very popular in the Estes Park area. These events are generally support by the larger hotels and lodges, but never underestimate the small inn and resorts. Many support these events quit well too.

You should realize that some of the older Estes Park hotels and lodges may not fully meet the expectations of what we are all used to in new modern chain hotels. But that's part of the charm. So what if there are only showers and not bathtubs. Also, you should know that most accommodations in Estes Park do not have air-conditioning. Since Estes Park is over 7500 feet in elevation, the nights are always cool with natures contribution of fresh mountain air.

As you might also expect, there are many accommodations in Estes Park that do not operate all year round. The off season in Estes Park has a distinctively different feel than when summer is in full swing. Estes Park is a wonderful place right through the winter, and the accommodations that are open throughout the year naturally support the winter season the best. Especially during the winter months, a larger hotel or lodge with more indoor space may be more inviting. Longer nights, and the more likely chance of uncomfortable weather, does change ones idea of the type of lodging that is needed. The winter is just not the same as the long days of summer where you are almost always outdoors.

No matter when you come, or how long you plan to stay, hotels and accommodations around Estes Park do provide a lot options.