Lodging in Estes Park is a True Colorado Experience

Yellow Flowers near Estes Park, Colorado

Flowers bloom through the summer in Estes Park.

Estes Park lodging encompasses everything from historic hotels, quaint cabins, and guest ranches. Since Estes Park is an old resort town from the beginning of Colorado statehood, it provides an atmosphere of spectacular scenery without overwhelming development often found in the prime ski locations.

Being one of the most popular destinations in Colorado, the lodging choices in the Estes Park area can make your head spin. But let us help you sort it out, along with some things to keep in mind.

Estes Park Hotels

Estes Park hotels

Unique historic hotels only exist in those special locations that were sought after through time. And Estes Park, Colorado is certainly a place to find them. They range from a traditional and majestic destination resort of 100 years ago, to more quaint lodges that have endured from Colorado's beginnings. Estes Park hotels can have a lot of charm and character. The more historic Estes Park hotels and lodges can help your Colorado vacation be more of a diversion into a different place, and a different time.

Estes Park has more modern hotels too. And they vary a lot. There are some brand name hotels, but many are still family owned lodges. Some are relatively new, but most have been around for a long time. And yes, there are old motels too. As you can imagine, prices and amenities are all over the map. But one thing is for sure, almost all Estes Park hotels are geared for vacationers.

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Guest Ranches in Estes Park

A Colorado Guest Ranch

A Colorado Guest Ranch is always a unique experience.

Guest ranches are quite a different animal. And yes they do have animals. Horse back riding, and a more traditional western feel is what you will find. And, they are more likely to charge by the person, and include meals. You will generally find mountain biking, campfires, and a lot of things to do right at a guest ranch.

Hard to beat for a family vacation, they can be a blast for a couple too. If you haven't stayed at a guest ranch, Estes Park is one of the best places to consider it. But do think of a guest ranch more as your destination than the surrounding area. Guest ranches are not right in town, but are generally close by. And if they do have horses, you can bet they are near forest land with a lot a trails.

Estes Park Cabins

There is a variety of cabins in and around Estes Park. Little cabin colonies along a river, more secluded cabins out of town, or a cozy cottage squeezed walking distance to town are all possibilities. Some resorts have a mix of cabins and lodge rooms.

Estes Park cabins can be rustic, luxurious, small or large. Some are ideal for a romantic getaway and many are perfect for family vacations.

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