Map of Estes Park Colorado for Vacation Travel

Make use of this map of Estes Park Colorado to help find more information about the area, and area lodging by clicking on the various icons.


The Rocky Mountains Completely Surround Estes Park Colorado

Now matter how you get to Estes Park Colorado, you will have a mountainous drive on a twisty 2 lane highway. But as you would expect, the scenery is always spectacular. Just take it easy and enjoy the ride.

When coming toward Estes Park from the East, you cannot avoid a steep twisty canyon as you ascend from the abrupt change in topography of the Great Plains. You rise in altitude of over 2,000 vertical feet while driving only about 20 miles to Estes Park. It's always dramatic and beautiful.

The only way to leave Estes Park toward the West is through Rocky Mountain National Park via Trail Ridge Road. This is the highest continuous road in the United States, and rises to over 12,000 feet in elevation, way above tree line. It is only open in the summer, and could be closed on any day due to weather.

Where's What in Estes Park?

The main commercial area of Estes Park is where all the primary highways that enter the town come together. The intersection of Elkhorn Ave. and Moraine Ave. is the absolute heart of Estes Park. Several blocks around this intersection is where you will find the majority of shops and restaurants. The downtown area is also a very pedestrian friendly area with sidewalks, benches, courtyards, and the river walk.

The area around Lake Estes, and mostly along Big Thompson Ave (Highway 34), is where you will find more of the budget hotels and motels, with a few exceptions. This area has more of the stores and business that any town will have, including a supermarket, and general retail stores that any year round resident will use.

In addition to right around the center of Estes Park, there a two primary areas where you will find most of the lodging. One is along Fall River Road, or highway 34, as you head from town toward Rocky Mountain National Park. Here you will find resorts, cabins and bed and breakfasts. Some are along fall river. This is one of the most sought after areas for lodging in the Estes Park area.

The other primary area for lodging is toward the other entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park. From the center of Estes Park, this is via Moraine Ave., or Highway 36. You will find lodges and cabins throughout this area, and roads that branch off Moraine Ave. If you are staying in this area, you would naturally use this entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park. You can get to all areas of the park from either entrance.

During peak summer months, traffic and parking in the central downtown area could be a challenge. If it's your first time to Estes Park, try to time your arrival in the morning. This way you can become easily oriented. But if you come later, the best thing to do on these days is to find a parking spot in one of the towns parking lots. Just keep your eyes open for a sign. Then enjoy everything on foot.

If you are headed for Rocky Mountain National Park, this is one, and only one, way to bypass the center of Estes Park. Here's how:

If you come up highway 34 from Loveland, make sure you stay on highway 34 West as you come into Estes Park. This will be a right turn just before the most congested area of the town. Highway 34 will go right into Rocky Mountain National Park. In fact, it becomes Trail Ridge Road.

If you come up highway 36 from Boulder, (which is also highway 66 from Longmont - yes, a little confusing), make sure you head onto highway 34 West as you come into Estes Park. Please Note: this means that you actually go straight though the intersection, and don't make a turn.