Choosing Group Lodging - Colorado Has Many Options

If you are planning a family reunion in Colorado, traveling to a tournament with your kids soccer team, or putting together a retreat for your quiting club, you will be looking for group lodging. Colorado has a lot of possibilities for group lodging. It is a popular destination for family reunions because of its central U.S. location. There is no better place for a group to enjoy a few days than in a Colorado resort. Reunions, wedding guests, retreats, youth groups, or just a bunch of friends traveling together can experience Colorado as a group and have a great time lodging together!

Some hotels and lodges do not accommodate groups well. It's like some restaurants that don't like to serve large parties. They may not be suitably staffed, they may not be appropriate for children, or their facility layout may not be amenable to groups. Also some properties are so expensive that lodging is not economical for most groups. Perhaps you can note these properties for a return visit.

With that said, many Colorado lodges, resorts and dude ranches do welcome groups and family reunions with open arms. Some resorts will have special programs or welcome packages only available to group bookings. This can be like a horseback outing offered free to a family reunion group, a special private brunch or 1 free room for reserving 10 rooms at the regular rate.

You don't necessarily have to be looking for 10 units or more to be considered as a group. A few friends traveling together or just 2 or 3 families may also benefit from group lodging discounts. Often you can get a group discount for reserving just 3 or more rooms or cabins.

More to Consider for Groups at Colorado Resorts and Hotels

Unlike in a standard hotel, the units offered in a number of Colorado lodges and resorts aren't all a set size and shape. This allows various family sizes to be accommodated more easily and allows group members on a stricter budget to find a suitable unit at the same property but perhaps without the frills or extra beds.

"Consider renting the whole facility for your group or family reunion. There are many smaller lodges where this is possible.You just need match the size of the lodge with the number of people in your group, and plan early, really early. The earlier the better! "

If you are traveling to Colorado for a reunion, wedding or other event, here is one more reason to check out a resort or lodge that is not in an urban setting or just off the Interstate. Especially if you don't visit Colorado often or have never been here, wouldn't your group actually prefer a place that is in the mountains or otherwise uniquely Colorado?

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