Lodging in the Manitou Springs Area Caters to Vacationers

Manitou Springs hotels

Manitou Springs lodging includes various types of lodging with a full range of rates. Most hotels are much less than 50 rooms, with only a couple of exceptions on the outskirts of town. You'll find a good number of bed and breakfasts in Manitou springs. There area also, cabins, old motels with cheap rates, and restored lodges. The variety of Manitou Springs lodging certainly reflects the over 100 year history of tourism in the Pikes Peak area. Especially since Manitou Springs is so centrally located to all the attractions, and so close to Colorado Springs as well.

The Cliff House holds the top spot for Manitou Springs Luxury Hotels, yet luxury can be found in restored lodges and inns, bread and breakfasts, and even cabins.

The vast majority of the lodging found in Manitou Springs is along the main route into the town. And there is sill more lodging toward Colorado City. Here's a run down of what to expect.

Old Motels to Modern Hotels in Manitou Springs

Older cheap motels, and newly built brand name chain hotels reflex the continuing evolution of Manitou Springs lodging. There are a good number of lodges that have been around for quite some time. Most have been well maintained, and are very reasonably priced. Some are not necessarily anything special, but they are located right in town They often also have cottages and cabins, and are some of the cheapest hotels you can find.

You will also find lodges that were once motels, renovated to be quite luxurious by comparison, and quite affordable. There is a full range of hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, with every price range along West Colorado Avenue between Manitou Springs and Old Colorado City. Colorado City is a rather up and coming area. As time goes on, it may not remain as affordable as it is today.

Manitou Springs Bed and Breakfasts and Cabins

Being one of the oldest vacation spots in colorado, Manitou Springs provides one of the best selections of bed and breakfasts in Colorado. Yet even with a good number of bed and breakfasts, there aren't a lot of rooms. For the most part, bed and breakfasts in and around Manitou Springs have less than 10 rooms, and many only have 2 or 3.

Just about all of the bed and breakfasts in Manitou Springs are mansions and buildings that date back at least 100 years. And in additions to the victorian mansions and Queen Ann houses, there are bed and breakfasts that operate cabins. Cabins that are part of a b&b provide a rustic elegance that is special to Colorado of the 21st century.

And don't forget Colorado City located just to the East of Manitou Springs. New bed and breakfast, in old houses of course, have been popping up over recent years. Even though its somewhat less of a mountain atmosphere, it a fun place to be.

Areas to the West of Manitou Springs

In addition to the town of Manitou Springs itself, there are even more bed and breakfasts and cabins in the small towns to the west. Some of these are older lodges that have been elegantly renovated, along with a small number of cabin units as well. These unique bed and breakfast inns pay attention to detail, and strive to provide those extra comforts as any luxury hotel. These old restored lodges include everything from southwest style with adobe, historic log and stone, and newly built luxury.

These towns going west from Manitou Springs include Cascade, where you will find the entrance to the Pikes Peak Highway, Chipita Park and Woodland Park. Here you can relax with mountain views and fresh air without the hustle and bustle of a tourist town, yet you still are only a few miles from Manitou Springs and all of the attractions of the Pikes Peak Region.