Map of Manitou Springs Colorado for Vacation Travel

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Manitou Springs is Tucked away at the foot of Pikes Peak

When you are in Manitou Springs, Colorado, you can't get closer to Pikes Peak without going right up the mountain. And that's a long way. The summit is about 14,110 feet above sea level, or about 6,600 feet above Manitou Springs. The elevation of Manitou Springs, Colorado is 6,320 above sea level, while Colorado Springs is only about 300 fee lower, or 6,008 feet above sea level.

Being right at the base of Pikes Peak, there are two ways to get the the summit of Pikes Peak directly from the heart of Manitou Springs. One way is to take the train to the summit. Manitou Springs is where you will find the railroad station for the Pikes Peak Cog railroad. Another way it to hike up to the top. Manitou Springs is also where you find the trail head for the famous Barr trail. It ascends all the way to the summit for those who are hardy enough, and well prepared for the hike.

In addition to Pikes Peak itself, Manitou Springs is located close to many of the most popular attractions of the Pikes Peak region. This includes the Garden of the Gods, the Cave of the winds, Colorado City and downtown Colorado Springs.

Even though Manitou Springs is considered a "mountain town", it's climate is very similar to that of Colorado Springs. Cool nights and warm days in the summer are the norm. However, quickly forming thunderstorms, and fast changes in temperature can occur almost anytime due to the higher altitude and the influence of such a massive mountain. It's always good to be prepared for any kind of weather.