Map of Colorado for Vacation Travel

Navigate this vacation map of Colorado and click on icons to see local maps with additional information. It's another way to find exiting Colorado vacation information. Articles about Colorado cities and towns, attractions and lodging information are accessible right from the map. It's a fun way to explore Colorado and dream about your next vacation!



Colorado's Topology is Quite Diverse

If you are unfamiliar with Colorado, click on the "Hybrid" button located in the upper right corner of the map of Colorado above. Being able to see the terrain, overlaid with roads, will help you appreciate the vast diversity that Colorado offers. You can see the patchwork of farms on the Eastern plains, to the rugged canyons along the front range, to the high peaks about tree line. And, you will still be able to click on icons to bring you to more information about that location.

As you zoom into various area on the map of Colorado, you will also get a good idea of population density. The map can help you answer questions like, "How big is a particular town?", "How secluded is a particular resort?", or "How rugged is the surrounding terrain? If you are a map person like myself, you will become even more excited to actually go to certain areas to see what it is really like. Keep in mind that it is usually much more impressive when you are there in person, especially in Colorado!

Vastly changing terrain also equates to vastly changing local climates. You could have a perfectly warm summery day in Denver, while areas of the mountains are socked in with a winter-like storm. The most important thing to remember is that as you go up in altitude, it will generally be cooler, especially at night. So just bring appropriate clothes for any weather conditions, and enjoy the diversity!