Mountain Vacations - Colorado Has Many Choices

Colorado mountain vacations are spectacular and exciting. But knowing where to spend your time, and how much time you need for various activities, can be the difference between an exciting vacation, and a vacation that is just memorable for the wrong reasons. So how you can make your Colorado mountain vacations fun and memorable?

For starters, consider focusing on one region of the Colorado Mountains, and centrally locate where you stay. Seeing the most popular sites is a great way to get your feet on the ground. And there’s nothing wrong with just being a tourist. But limiting your area will allow you to also discover what’s beyond the most popular attractions.  Extra time to go back to that shop you passed by on your way to Pikes Peak. An extra half day to hike that trail the waitress told you about. An extra hour to just watch the sunset and chat. Try and keep this in mind when planning you Colorado mountain vacations.


Mountain Vacation Ideas for Colorado

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But where do you start? Here are some of the most diverse areas in Colorado that can give you all the mountains you can take, and without driving all over the state. But be warned, each of these areas has so much to offer you will certainly want to come back for future vacations too!

Pick one of these areas, look at it on a map, and do a little research. Now, once you have an area narrowed down, find your lodging. Focus on finding the most interesting and comfortable lodging for your stay. Here are some ideas corresponding to each of the above areas:

For the Pikes Peak Area, Manitou Springs is a smaller mountain town, yet centrally located to everything. It’s quaint, it’s a resort town, and you’re in the mountains. But, you are also close enough to Colorado Springs with the advantages of a larger city. If you are torn between a mountain town and the added night life of a large city, here you can have both.

Estes Park, Colorado is surely a mountain town without any doubt. It’s right near the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park, so you can’t get much more mountainous than that. But don’t overlook Boulder. You can still get up to Rocky Mountain National Park in about 50 minutes, yet you also have access to some of best “lower” mountains in Colorado. And, Boulder is a vibrant cosmopolitan city with a lot more activities than you might think.

The ski area towns of Vail, Breckenridge, and Aspen are a different matter. They comprise the most spread out area on our list. The best thing to do is to pick one based on your personality. Vail and Aspen are more up scale, Breckenridge is more laid back. During the summer, condo rates are pretty good, as with most ski areas in the summer. You may also want to consider Glenwood Springs. It has one of the largest hot springs pools in the world, and is not very far from Aspen.

The town of Durango is certainly a great central location for Mesa Verde National Park and all the attractions of the area. With a population of only about 15,000, it happens to be the big city in the area.

Colorado mountain vacations are always special. So go ahead and pick one of these most treasured areas in the Colorado Mountains. And this time, try planning your vacation in a more confined area, and leave more time for discovery.