Couples Retreats can be Romantic, Spiritual, or Focus on Your Relationship

Finding couples retreats that are right for you can take a little work. But not only are there many types of retreats specifically organized for couples, there are various kinds of spiritual retreats that can be enlightening to both of you, even though they may not be specifically geared to couples. So don't limit your search to finding couples retreats that are specifically for couples, even though it is a good place to start. The most important thing about finding couples retreats is that the retreat not only fits your personality, but is fun and something you will look forward to.

What is a retreat anyway? A retreat can simply be a place with seclusion or privacy affording peace and quiet. Or, it can be a period of group withdrawal for prayer, meditation, or study. Either way, it is time away from your routine daily life. It is a time set aside for thought, reflection, creativity, imagination, rest and inspiration.

A romantic couples retreat, a spiritual retreat, or a married couples retreat specifically designed to improve your relationship, are ways you can spend your vacation time and return home with something so much more meaningful than another T-shirt or cheap souvenir. The experience of expanding the awareness of yourself and your partner won't get lost in a drawer. Read on for more couples and marriage retreat ideas. Then give one a try!

Couples and Marriage Retreats

There are many varieties of marriage retreats designed specifically to help improve your relationship with your spouse or partner. An intimacy retreat, or a romantic couples retreat, can be for couples who already have a loving and committed relationship, yet would like to enhance their love life, and just have a vacation away from the kids. Other couples retreats are custom tailored to you needs, whether your marriage itself feels in trouble, or is just a little rocky. These retreats are not considered therapy, nor are they associated with any religious beliefs. Instead they help provide tools, techniques, and coaching.

There are many marriage retreats that are sponsored by particular Judeo-Christian organizations. However, the information is generally not tied to a particular religion and anyone is welcome. There are also couples and romantic retreats that draw on practices originating from the Hindu, Buddhist, and Chinese beliefs, but are completely secular. If you enjoy yoga for example, you may find one of these retreats right for you.

Couples retreats can be primarily in a group setting or as a series of lectures, solely interacting with personal coaches, or any combination of the two. Many are offered over weekends, or longer periods of time. And they range from stimulating a more romantic vacation, to helping repair a troubled marriage. Whatever you situation, a couples retreat could be the most romantic vacation of your life, or actually save your marriage.

Spiritual Retreats

There are so many flavors of spiritual and religious retreats it's hard to know where to begin. If you belong to a church, you already know about retreats associated with your religion and their value. But for those who don't quite consider themselves as a "religious person", you most likely still have some form of spiritual beliefs and understandings. In any case, there are many types of spiritual retreats that are both educational and enlightening, which are not associated with a particular religion. And they can certainly help open your mind to what's beyond ordinary day to day living.

A good example is spiritual retreats that revolve around traveling to ancient sacred and spiritual locations. These trips blend education about world renowned sacred sites, along with meditation, personal reflection, and the camaraderie of your group and teachers. Time for shopping or just exploring on your own, is also provided.

And there are also retreats that look at spirituality and enlightenment as a whole, drawing on all religions, ancient cultures and even science. Being a student of all mankind's spirituality, these retreats help us appreciate, understand, and enhance our views of the purpose of life and the cosmos, and how we can be more harmonious with our own world.

Other spiritual retreats focus more closely on the meditation instruction based on the teachings of the Buddha, both for those that know nothing about meditation, as well as those who have been practicing it most of their lives. But spiritual retreats can also be based on a combination of private meditation, massage, yoga, and energy healing. This type of retreat could even include a psychic reading, an angel channeling or shamanic astrology.