Vacation Retreats Add Fun to Your Vacation

It doesn't take much to come up with fun retreat ideas. Just think of your interests. Would you consider an art retreat vacation? Pehaps painting retreats could be inspiring? Or how about a writer retreat and spa retreat combined? Fun retreat ideas can include almost anything.

Just think, wouldn't it be fun to spend your vacation with your true interest or real passion? And wouldn't it be nice to be catered to at the same time leaving the interruptions of your daily life behind? Consider a vacation retreat where your hobby is the focus. You'll have no option but to meet a lot of like-minded folks, and simply have a good time.

A retreat can be about something that you have been involved in doing for a long time, or it can be about something you always wanted to do, or at least you think you want to do. In the latter case, a retreat could be a great way to get introduced to a new interest. Retreats generally accept a newbie with open arms. But before you go, let them know that you are new to the subject and ask them how you would fit in.

How do Vacation Retreats Work?

Anything from scrapbooking, art and painting, quilting, story writing, music workshops and song writing are just a sampling of ideas that could be the focus of a vacation retreat. You will be surprised to know how many options for retreats and workshops are out there. Here's a sampling of how some of the more popular hobby vacation retreats work.

Surprisingly, scrapbook and quilting retreats are among the most popular hobby retreats. As you would expect, these really are women's retreats. The idea is to join a bunch of other ladies sharing a common hobby for a time of fellowship, great food, and a diversion away from day to day life.

There are also retreats that cover all the artistic disciplines including visual arts and performing arts. Many do cater more to the professional artist with formal workshops and seminars. These are more like conventions in other business professions. However, there are also endless opportunities for those who pursue art as a hobby, and for the pure enjoyment and satisfaction of expressing ones creatively. Some also encourage you to bring your spouse or older children, whether they are an artist or not.

Artist retreats are often found where there is a great deal of natural beauty, such as a country estate or an exotic destination. They include cruise retreats where you visit several ports. Some are located in the Caribbean or Costa Rica. What an opportunity to express your creative interpretation of the world beyond your daily life, and have the opportunity to try out new techniques. Artist retreats will also combine other activities, such as hiking to a particular place that offers inspiration. Local sightseeing, spa activities or wine tasting are also part of many retreats.

Writing retreats have a lot of similarities to art retreats. Inspiration for creative ideas, along with the opportunity to focus, learn, and create, is common. There are retreats that may even combine meditation along with advice, critiques, and time alone to write. 

There is a large selection of hobby retreats that have been around for quite some time. But organizing a retreat yourself is not as hard as you may think. If you already have some friends with some common interest, or you belong to a club, you can put together your own retreat. Finding a lodge to support your group, and putting together even a loose agenda can be easier than you think. Many lodges have group rates, and would be glad to support your event. If you put a retreat together, to start out, just keep it simple, and fun.

So consider a retreat for your next vacation. But be careful, you just might get hooked on them!