Beyond Vacations - Colorado Mountain Retreats

A Colorado Mountain retreat can rejuvenate, enhance, and provide something way beyond a vacation. Some popular retreat ideas include yoga retreats, couples retreats, and spiritual retreats. But it could also be based on your specific interest such as scrapbook retreats, quilting retreats, artist retreats, and writing retreats. Whether you are looking for an organized retreat, or looking for group lodging for set up a retreat, there are many options for a Colorado mountain retreat to be both fun and inspiring.

The whole idea behind a retreat is to set aside time for thought and reflection, learning or study, creativity and imagination, inspiration, and, rest and relaxation. The general focus of a retreat is some form of self improvement, in a setting that is peaceful and inspiring. A Colorado mountain retreat naturally provides the right setting.

Whatever kind of retreat you may consider, think of a retreat as a fun way to enhance your life. Think of it as being something that you personally enjoy, something you would not normally do, or a fun way to improve your quality of life. Think of a retreat as an experience beyond a normal vacation. Then stop thinking and go ahead and give it a try!

Couples Retreats and Marriage Retreats

Retreats designed to help improve your relationship with your spouse or partner varies tremendously. An intimacy retreat can be for couples who already have a loving and committed relationship, yet would like to enhance their love life, and have a romantic vacation away from the kids. This could be as simple a booking a romantic vacation at a bed and breakfast or spa resort, or can involve workshops that give hints on improving your relationship.

Couples retreats are often custom tailored to your needs, whether your marriage itself is in trouble, or is just a little shaky. Couples retreats can be primarily in a group setting, solely interacting with personal coaches, or any combination of the two. They can be at an exotic destination, or closer to home. Whatever your situation, a couples retreat could be the most romantic vacation of your life, or actually save your marriage.

Spiritual Retreats and Religious Retreats

There are countless flavors of spiritual and religious retreats. If you belong to a church, you may already know about retreats associated with your religion and their value. But there are also many retreats based on spiritual beliefs and understandings that are not entirely associated with a particular religion.

How about a spiritual retreat that revolves around traveling to ancient sacred and spiritual sites? These trips blend education along with meditation, personal reflection, and the camaraderie of your group. Then there are spiritual retreats that focus more specifically on Buddha meditation, both for those that know nothing about meditation, as well as those who have been practicing it most of their lives. And, there are retreats that look at spirituality and enlightenment as a whole, drawing on all religions, ancient cultures and science. There are so many types of spiritual retreats that you are sure to fine something that will be both educational and enlightening.

Yoga Retreats, Healing Retreats, Health and Fitness Retreats

Yoga is certainly one of the most popular types of health related retreats. A yoga retreat could simply offer a daily yoga class along with other natural activities and exercise, including walks and hikes, boats rides, and local tours. Or, it could be a retreat that combines yoga with spa treatments, including massage, a mud bath, sauna and hot tubs.

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Other health retreats focus more on other forms of exercise, such as Pilates and stretching, and include more about nutrition and natural foods along with nature walks and perhaps journaling. But health and healing retreats can even go further and include things like natural herb cleansing drinks, body pH balancing, mineral baths and therapy to address emotional issues. The idea is to rid both your mind and body of impurities.

Then there are the numerous types of weight loss retreats. Some differentiate themselves from "fat farms" as they address body cleansing, and body and mind connections. Some integrate more spa activities while others consider themselves as more of a "boot camp". And still others focus more on non-class activities, such as walking, hiking, and various ways of just being physically active.

For more information see Yoga, Spa and Health Retreats.

Scrapbook Retreats, Quilting Retreats, Artist Retreats, Writing Retreats

A retreat can be any vacation that revolves around your interests. Surprisingly, scrapbook retreats and quilting retreats are among the most popular retreats of all, based on peoples hobbies. As you would expect, these really are women's retreats. The idea is to join a bunch of other ladies sharing a common hobby for a time of fellowship, great food, and a diversion away from day to day life.

Artist retreats and writing retreats are also very popular. They are often found where there is a great deal of natural beauty, such as a country estate or an exotic mountain destination. Artist retreats will also combine other activities, such as hiking to a particular place that offers inspiration, along with local sight seeing, spa activities, and meditation. There are so many great ways to become inspired.

Almost any hobby or interest can be the source of fun retreat ideas.