Quilt and Scrapbook Retreats are Popular Women's Retreat Ideas

Surprisingly, scrapbook retreats and quilting retreats are among the most popular women's retreat Ideas today. The goal is simply to join a bunch of other ladies sharing a common hobby for a time of fellowship, great food, and a diversion away from day to day life.

What are some other women's retreat ideas? Well, any kind of sewing and crafting retreat ideas, or hobby can be organized as a group vacation. The more popular ones, like scrapbooking and quilting welcome everyone. But any club, organization, or just a bunch of friends, can put a retreat together. Just look for a great location and a lodge the supports groups, and take a few ideas from the popular scrapbook and quilting retreats.

But why are scrapbook and quilting retreats so popular? Maybe it's because they are often combined and spa facilities and include a manicure, pedicure, massage or facial. Or, maybe the reason is that it is located in an old country farmhouse on 100 acres, a converted dairy, or the peace and quite of a bed and breakfast. But the real answer is that they are simply fun.

Some retreats are small and intimate; some are much larger and located at larger hotels or resorts. Some offer more instruction and classes, and are more focused workshops. Others are more of a relaxing place where you can get away from the house and kids, pursue your craft as much as you like, and enjoy a lot of other optional activities. There is a lot of choice. And it's all up to you.

Scrapbook and Quilt Retreat Ideas

Retreats that specialize in scrapbooking pride themselves in providing a luxurious workspace with adequate light and comfortable chairs. Often it is accessible around the clock, so you can work an extra half hour before you go to bed or when you get up early. They will even boast about how much cropping space is available to each attendee. A good 3 to 4 feet of cropping space is advertised. They may also have professional design equipment on site along with classes, seminars, and individual instruction by professional scrapbook experts. If you want to arrange your own group, discounts are generally available.

Quilting retreats are just as popular as scrapbook retreats. Here again they are often combined with spa activities, can be small and informal, or more structured with various activities related to quilting. They also include other activities available in the area, such as wine tasting or a sightseeing tour.

There are quilting cruises, quilt retreats combined with eco-tourism in Costa Rica, and quilting retreat workshops all over the United States. A cruise quilting retreat has classes and time to quilt while at sea, yet in port, everyone goes their separate ways. Couples are also welcome, where the spouse can enjoy the ship's activities.

Scrapbook and quilting retreats are really women's retreats. Bring along a close friend, sister or daughter and you'll have a good time. But a lot of them can work out for husbands too, especially if you go with another couple. The guys can join you for some of the other activities, such as sightseeing. They can find things to do that interest them, while you pursue your interest. Everyone has time to do what they like, and the time together can be spent sharing some of the goings-on of the other, or maybe not!