Getaway to a Colorado Romantic Bed and Breakfast

2 Hearts

If you are a couple, looking for a getaway, whether for Valentine’s Day, an Anniversary or just to enjoy a few days away from the grind, a Colorado bed and breakfast inn may be just the ticket. Throughout Colorado, there are many Inns that cater to couples.

Gone are the days of shared bathrooms and tiny rooms; many of the rooms set aside for romantic getaways are actually suites which offer Jacuzzis for 2 and even his & her bathrobes. These bed and breakfast inn suites may have other appointments such as a wood-burning or gas fireplace, romantic welcome packages with chocolates and flowers, bottled water and even on site massages. You can take your scrumptious breakfast in the common room or garden with other guests or enjoy it alone if you wish, an option at some Colorado Inns.

Be prepared to be pampered.

Styles of Colorado Bed and Breakfasts Inns

Luxury lodging in Colorado can be a bed and breakfast, an elegant cabin, or a 5 star hotel.

Luxury Cabin

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Some bed and breakfast inns in Colorado are in quaint Victorian era homes with rooms that fill nooks and crannies and have interesting angles, architectural details, leaded glass windows and private balconies. Other inns give you more of the mountain lodge feel. There may be a large wood burning fireplace in the common room, wood accents throughout and a mountain view out of bay windows.

A Colorado romantic bed and breakfast may even have cabins. Today there are more and more older lodges that have been remodeled with luxury in mind, and operate as a bed and breakfast. And many of these lodges consist of rooms, and separate cabins too. These are certainly worth search out. Not only do you have more privacy in a cabin, some even have private hot tubs. Pampering, privacy, and spectacular scenery. What more could you want!

But even a room in a lodge that operates as a Colorado bed and breakfast can be a dream and perfect for couples. There has been a recent trend towards more couples only lodges in Colorado. These lodges have installed in-room hot tubs, and provide all the pampering you would expect at a bed and breakfast.

Many of these couples only lodges and cottages do serve breakfast, but some do not. But that's not so bad. Having the romantic atmosphere, and going into town for breakfast, can certainly be just as romantic. Just get a good recommendation from where you are staying.

So go ahead plan a visit to a Colorado bed and breakfast inn to relax and enjoy each other's company. Before you know it, you could be sinking into the soft folds of a duvet comforter and a great night sleep in each other's arms ready to return home refreshed.

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