Colorado Outdoor Weddings Among the Flowers

Garden settings can be a perfect choice for an incredibly gorgeous outdoor colorado wedding. Many different types of gardens are dispersed throughout Colorado. There are many beautiful gardens within city areas, as well as a wide array of out of town locations.

The natural wildflowers of the Rocky Mountains can also provide its own natural garden. Having your wedding amongst the fragrant aromas of flowers and foliage growing around you certainly brings natures beauty to your ceremony.


Consider a Garden Wedding at a Park, at an Inn, or in a Field of Wildflowers

Weddings at Stone Mountain Lodge and Cabins

Imagine an Outdoor Colorado Wedding with a lush green backdrop, towering red cliffs and a pond-side reception tent.


In the mountains, yet convenient to both Estes Park and Boulder, Colorado, there are Cabins and Lodging for your out of town guests.

Denver’s Botanic gardens and Hudson Gardens, located just south of Denver, offer the ultimate outdoor experiences for a wedding ceremony, but with all the conveniences of the city close by. The grounds in these parks are filled with various gardens offering numerous unique wedding sites right within the park. The natural surroundings of foliage, flowers, and lily ponds can make a ceremony a truly elegant and peaceful experience.

The Botanic Gardens Park has many different garden styles. One could choose the Japanese garden, or the Monet garden, inspired from Monet’s great paintings. Of all the different types of gardens found at the Botanic Gardens, you can consider one that best fits your personality or weeding theme. Whatever you choose, a garden is one of the most romantic settings to wed. Hudson Gardens, another park in the Denver area is a great alternative to the Botanic gardens.

Hudson Gardens has a year-round garden canopy which includes the use of the rose garden for a ceremony. The rose garden is one of the most sought after spots within this park and can accommodate the most people of up to 200.  Roses are entwined around the arbor where you are to be wed. One can even get an engraved brick in the rose garden or wedding walkway to commemorate the occasion. While some sites at Hudson can accommodate upwards of 200 people, some areas, accommodate 50 people. Like the Botanic Gardens, Hudson gardens has its own unique attributes like their beautiful sculptures and a breathtaking bed of Irises in the springtime

Many of Colorado’s Inns, lodges, B & B’s have their own outdoor gardens for outdoor ceremonies. This can be beneficial for those who wish to have lodging and the wedding venue at the same site. Some of these outdoor gardens have waterfalls, ponds, little footbridges, terraces and gazebos to create the perfect outdoor setup.

Colorado’s Rocky Mountains have some of the most beautiful and diverse natural wildflowers. When wildflowers are in bloom, these nature wild gardens provide a scene planted by Mother Nature herself. Crested Butte Colorado is especially known for its wildflowers and is often referred to as the wildflower capital of Colorado. Spring flowers blanket the hillsides in the most magnificent hues. You may spot Colorado’s state flower, the columbine, an intricate flower, which is truly a gem of the Rocky Mountains. When choosing a natural garden, be sure to do a little research to find out the best time for the flowers to be blooming. This could vary quite a bit, event during the same time of year, based on altitude and location.

One site amongst Colorado’s most beautiful wildflowers is at the Rocky Mountain Gardens Pavilion, one of the most sought after sites for outdoor wedding ceremonies. There is a 4,800 square foot tented pavilion that can be rented any time of day. The Pavilion is located at the base of Vail Mountain, at Vail Cascade Resort and Spa.