Weddings in Colorado

Colorado weddings and Colorado vacations often go hand in hand. And it is no surprise. Colorado's pleasant climate, variety of scenic beauty and its central location within the United States provide a great destination for out of town guests. Colorado also hosts many destination weddings, where not only most guests are from other regions, but the bride and groom live outside of Colorado too.

Colorado weddings can be a simple outdoor ceremony in a mountain meadow with just a few guests, or a big bash with a reception with 2,000 at Coors Field in Denver. And, there is everything in between, with countless options, with many you wouldn't even dream up!

Colorado has a very broad and professional wedding service industry. Colorado weddings can be arranged using all inclusive packages, or put together by selecting your own wedding location, supported by your choice of caterer, music, photographer, cake supplier, florist and officiant. You can put your wedding together yourself, or make use of one the talented wedding planners.

We hope you find 168Colorado Weddings helpful in exploring the possibilities for your wedding. And remember, don't get too caught up in your planning, and keep it fun and exciting. No matter what you do, you will remember your wedding for the rest of your life!

Colorado Wedding Sites and Venues

Weddings at Stone Mountain Lodge and Cabins

Imagine an Outdoor Colorado Wedding with a lush green backdrop, towering red cliffs and a pond-side reception tent.


In the mountains, yet convenient to both Estes Park and Boulder, Colorado, there are Cabins and Lodging for your out of town guests.

Finding the best venue for your wedding is likely to be one of the most important decisions you make. Here is just a sampling of things to consider. You might narrow down your search quickly if you already have more specific desires in mind. But if you open minded, the possibilities will seem endless. But don't worry, enjoy spending some time exploring Colorado's wedding possibilities, and see what may strike your fancy.

Colorado Mountain Weddings

The Colorado Rocky Mountains are certainly a primary draw and mountain Weddings are popular. Mountain weddings can be help close to the Denver metro area, at any of the mountain resort towns, or in a remote spot. Things to consider include the time of year of your event and how convenient the location for your wedding if for your guests. If most of your guests are from out of town, they will need lodging anyway. As a result, you may consider a wider geographic area for your wedding site search. Smaller weddings generally have a lot more flexibility. Larger affairs may have somewhat more limited choices.

Colorado Outdoor Weddings

The image of an outdoor Colorado wedding with a scenic backdrop, sunshine, and fresh air, is a natural choice by many brides and grooms. There are certain many choices for an outdoor mountain setting, but there are also many options closer to town too. Again, much depends on some your specific desires, and the nature of your guest list. But if you want an outdoor wedding, there is likely a wedding site that will meet you needs.

Weddings & Romance

From Wedding Favors, to Bridal Gowns, to essential information on Hair Styles,Wedding Ceremonies and even Reception Fun and Games!


City Weddings in Colorado

The options for a Colorado wedding in a downtown location include many types of venues. They can range from a reception in a restaurant, at a large hotel and a historic bed and breakfast, of something more off beat, like a museum or botanic garden. If you have a lot of local guest, keeping your affair in town might be a practical thing to do.

Unique Colorado Wedding Venues

There there are the truly unique, or maybe even "odd", Colorado wedding locations. Getting married in a balloon, on a 14,000 foot peak, in a cave, or a butterfly pavilion are just a sampling of the possibilities. Again, a lot depends on your guest list. But you can be creative and satisfy everyone. Let your wedding ceremony be in an exotic site with those are the closest to you, and have a big bash reception latter on at a different venue. So much is possible.