Wedding Site Fees and Costs in Colorado

The fees at each wedding site vary drastically. Most often, a reception venue will require a certain fee for use of the facility, and have additional fees, per person attending the wedding. Well known hotels in Colorado such as the historic Brown Palace and the high end resorts in the mountains will likely have some of the largest fees to use their sites. The larger wedding sites typically include a place for a ceremony, a reception hall, a bridal suite, exquisite decorations and an onsite wedding planner. Of course, many places include more of these extras while some offer less.

So What Wedding Costs and Site Fees Should You Expect?

Generally, one should expect to be charged at least 20-30 dollars per guest. The most high end facilities in Colorado may require upwards of 75-100 dollars per guest. Usually, the venues that offer onsite catering have the cost of catering included in the cost per person. Those venues that have catering on their own premises typically require the use of their services and do not allow an outside company. If onsite catering is not provided, consider recommendations for catering companies and options that fit your price range.

Fees also vary based the date of the event and time of day. Saturdays are the most booked and most expensive across the board. A morning, or afternoon wedding is less costly and easily works with a catered brunch at the reception. Fees for weddings also depend on the amount of guests. Many venues will have a set price for 100 guests, 250 guests etc. For each additional guest exceeding the set amount, a small fee is added to the cost. In addition to the number of guests, the time of day and the duration of the event must also be considered when figuring out costs to fit your budget. Typically, a venue will have a price for a time frame of around 4 hours and another for 6 hours and so on. Also, there may be a different fee depending on how long the photographer will be there or how long it takes to set up the event.

Having a simple outdoor ceremony will save you on cost. If you were to exchange vows in Rocky Mountain National Park for instance, the site may only cost you 50-200 dollars. However, for this sort of arena, you are limited to having less that 20 guests. You may choose to have a simple ceremony and a casual reception. A reception at a restaurant instead of a formal event venue will likely save money. Of course a morning or afternoon wedding will save on cost with both the venue and on the catering. A brunch or lunch service at a reception is also much more cost effective than an evening affair.