Winter, Fall, Spring or Summer - Weddings in Colorado

You can choose an indoor wedding venue for any season. Perhaps a quaint church or chapel with magnificent mountain vista views suits you best. The changing seasons in Colorado give each time of year its own unique feel. Whichever season you choose to have your wedding, you can have a marvelous wedding with breathtaking surroundings.

Options to consider when planning an outdoor wedding are much more dependant on the season. You may choose a site with a pond, a river, or perhaps a waterfall in the Spring or Summer months. Or, you may want a ceremony under a canopy of pine trees, an open valley, or an aspen grove in autumn. In the winter months, you may consider a smaller wedding ceremony in the woods with snow covered pine and spruce as a uniquely intimate experience.

If you have your wedding reception in the fall or winter months, you can still provide a theme for other seasons and far away places. Perhaps it's not a bad way to escape the long winter months. But, in Colorado, you can embrace the season, even in winter. Having a wedding at a Colorado winter resort can provide that perfect and magical setting, just a well as a summer wedding ceremony under an arbor.

Spring and Summer Weddings in Colorado

The springtime in Colorado is the perfect setting for a delightful outdoor wedding. You can choose from a variety of wedding sites in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains which have some of the most beautiful and diverse natural wildflowers. Rocky Mountain columbines are in blossom across Colorado’s mountainsides during the spring. In beautiful hues of blue and lavender, the columbine is Colorado’s official state flower. Wildflowers of all varieties make an outdoor wedding in the mountains all the more serene. Crested Butte Colorado is especially known for their wildflowers, often referred to as the wildflower capital of Colorado.

In the spring and summer months, Colorado has many venues for the perfect garden wedding. There are a number of garden sites that are conveniently located within a downtown area. Denver’s Botanic gardens and Hudson Gardens are the ultimate outdoor experiences for a wedding ceremony within the city. The grounds in these parks are filled with various gardens offering numerous unique wedding sites within the park. The natural surroundings of foliage, flowers, and lily ponds can make a ceremony a truly elegant and peaceful experience.

Colorado Fall and Winter Wedding Can Be Quite Unusual

One of the most beautiful times of the year in Colorado is the late summer and early fall when the leaves begin to change. Mountainsides will be covered with deep reds oranges, and golden yellow. At this time of year, Weddings at Venues along the continental divide will be especially spectacular. Perhaps instead of using rose petals, the bride may choose to throw golden aspen leaves.

A winter wedding in Colorado is an amazing experience. One can have a wedding in a rustic ski lodge with a grand fireplace, while the snow is fluttering out the window.

The adventurous can even have an outdoor ceremony in the snow, outfitting the bride in a warm white cape or robe and tie the not under the snowflakes. With Colorado’s many carriage services, you can get married in true fairy-tale fashion and choose to ride through the snow in a one-horse open sleigh or a horse drawn carriage.

There are always activities to explore in Colorado, no matter what season it is. From skiing and snowshoeing, to rock climbing, hiking, and horse back riding, Colorado’s terrain offers endless possibilities. Whatever suits your lifestyle; you can make it a part of your wedding.